Vaccines for Animal Shelters

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Dog Shelter Core Vaccines

At Pinnacle Veterinary Clinic we truly care for all animals and are proud to provide high-quality vaccines for animal shelters.  We also have disinfectants available and heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

Rabies Vaccine:

All dogs and cats must be vaccinated from the rabies virus. This vaccine must be administered annually.  Some people have the misconception you should only vaccinate outside animals but all dogs and cats should be vaccinated.
Rabies is a serious disease and carries an almost 100% mortality rate in animals and humans once symptoms occur.

The rabies vaccine is required to be administered by a licensed veterinarian

The virus attacks the brain of mammals via saliva entering a wound or broken skin.  Rabies can be spread by mammals include dogs, bats, coyotes, foxes, skunks, and raccoons.

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Fecal and Intestinal Parasite Treatment and Prevention

What do the parasites do to a pet?
Intestinal parasites infect the intestines of your animal, and can cause them to be come very sick. Some side effects of parasites is weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargic.
We recommend doing a fecal at the first puppy visit and then once a year at the time of yearly vaccines. If any parasites are found at the time of the fecal we will prescribe a deworming medication to kill them off. We do recommend starting your animal on interceptor because it is not only a heartworm preventative but it also helps prevent intestinal parasites from coming back.