Radiology – Digital X-Ray
With our digital x-ray machine it gives us instant imaging to help with diagnoses of your animal. It is important to do x-rays to find foriegn bodies that may be causing a blockage, broken bones, etc. or to check how many pups or kittens before an animal gives birth.
Range of Soft Tissue Surgeries
Laceration repairs, tumor removals, hernia repairs.
Bloodwork and IV fluids is recommended before most surgeries.

Feline Declaw

This is completely up to the client. It can cause some discomfort for the animal at first, but most bounce back quickly from it. We do require that they stay at least one night if removing just the fronts and 2 nights if removal of all 4. Most like to have this procedure done if the cat is destroying furniture or blinds or just a crazy cat that likes to play using their claws. We don’t recommend declawing all for if the cat is going to be mainly outdoors.