Pet Grooming Neosho, MO

Let us pamper your pet at Pinnacle Vet Clinic

We offer a complete puppy pampering experience and grooming is part of having a healthy and happy pup!  From trimming the coat to bathing your pet, we will make your pup look their best.
Nail Trim
We can trim your pet’s nails–which is very important to make sure they are trimmed properly and timely.  Not only can long nails cause your pet pain and discomfort, the nails can damage and destroy your carpet and hardwood floors.  Plus, you won’t have to struggle with your pet not holding still. Let our professional groomers take care of this issue for you.
dog grooming
Grooming Services
When you bring your pet to the trusted professional at Pinnacle Vet Clinic, we’ll make sure your pet is up-to-date on their vaccinations.
Anal Gland Expressed
Who wants to do this task?  However, it’s important to make sure your dog has this done as some dog’s anal glands fail to empty and they could become impacted or in severe instances, they could rupture.  This could lead to severe pain and discomfort for your pup.