Southwest Missouri’s Breeder Friendly Veterinarian


Pinnacle Veterinary Clinic offers State of the Art Mini VIDAS

Progesterone Machine for Reproduction. Not many clinics in the area have this latest technology.  This is an instrument that allows us to check the progesterone levels of the female to know the perfect ovulation timing for the breeding window.

Results in as little as two hours during regular business hours.


Pinnacle Veterinary Clinic provides medical and surgical insemination.

C-sections. A c-section can be important to the health and safety of momma and her pups. These services can only be performed during normal business hours.

Pregnancy examinations with blood or X-ray services.

Brucellosis testing services (all dogs should be tested for brucellosis prior to breeding the animal). Brucellosis is a highly contagious bacterial infection with no cure and is sexually transmitted to other dogs.  Brucellosis is considered a zoonotic disease, or a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans.  Brucellosis should not be taken lightly and testing should be a standard protocol for a new dog coming into your home or kennel.

At Pinnacle Vet Clinic, we are a breeder friendly vet clinic offering years of expertise and knowledge.