4 Reasons Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Posted on June 5, 2023 by Pinnacle Vet Clinic

The importance of pet microchipping

As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the well-being and safety of your furry friend is undoubtedly a top priority. While collars and ID tags have long been a popular means of identification, microchipping offers an even more reliable and effective solution. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous advantages of microchipping your dog or cat, highlighting why it’s a worthwhile investment for every pet owner.

1. Permanent Identification

One of the primary advantages of microchipping is that it provides a permanent means of identification for your pet. Unlike traditional collars and tags, which can get lost or damaged, a microchip is a tiny electronic device inserted beneath the skin. It contains a unique identification number that can be read using a handheld scanner, allowing animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control agencies to quickly identify your pet and reunite them with you in case they get lost.

2. Increased Chances of Reuniting with Lost Pets

Accidents happen, and even the most careful pet owners may experience the heart-wrenching situation of a lost pet. However, microchipping significantly increases the chances of being reunited with your furry companion. Studies have shown that microchipped dogs or cats are more than twice as likely to be returned to their owners than those without microchips. By ensuring your pet has a microchip, you’re providing them with a higher chance of being brought back home safe and sound.

3. Quick and Painless Procedure

Many pet owners may worry about the process of microchipping and its potential discomfort for their pets. However, rest assured that the procedure is simple, quick, and painless. It is similar to a routine vaccination and can be done by a veterinarian during a regular visit. The microchip is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades and does not require anesthesia. While some pets may experience minor discomfort, it is short-lived and well worth the long-term benefits.

4. Theft Prevention and Ownership Proof

Sadly, pet theft is a reality in today’s world. By microchipping your pet, you not only discourage potential thieves but also provide proof of ownership. In cases where stolen pets end up in shelters or are brought to veterinary clinics, the presence of a microchip enables authorities to quickly identify the true owner and facilitate a safe return.

Remember to Register

As a final note, it is essential that you REGISTER your pet’s microchip in the database operated by the company that manufactured your pet’s microchip. If your pet is not registered in the system, the benefits of your pet’s chip may be negated.

Get Your Pet Microchipped at Pinnacle Vet Clinic

At Pinnacle Vet Clinic, we are partnered with Pet Key, one of the leaders in the pet microchipping industry. If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic technology, we invite you to make an appointment with us so that our skilled staff can install a microchip for your cat or dog.

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