Microchipping Your Pet Neosho, MO


Cat & Dog Microchip Identification in Southwest Missouri

We offer a complete puppy pampering experience and grooming is part of having a healthy and happy pup!  From trimming the coat to bathing your pet, we will make your pup look their best.

Nail TrimWe can trim your pet’s nails–which is very important to make sure they are trimmed properly and timely.  Not only can long nails cause your pet pain and discomfort, the nails can damage and destroy your carpet and hardwood floors.  Plus, you won’t have to struggle with your pet not holding still. Let our professional groomers take care of this issue for you.

When you bring your pet to the trusted professional at Pinnacle Vet Clinic, we’ll make sure your pet is up-to-date on their vaccinations.


Implanting the Microchip

The process of implanting the microchip is a quick process (just a few seconds) and is completed in our clinic by our trained veterinary team.

At Pinnacle Vet Clinic, we work with one of the leaders in high-quality microchips and pet database management, “Pet Key.”  Once the chip is implanted in your pet, you will need to register the chip via PetKey.org.  This is a vital part of the process to make sure your registration is up-to-date. This is how shelters will try to find you if your pet is found.  They will scan the chip, call PetKey, and they will provide your contact information to the shelter.  You will need to make sure anytime your address and phone number changes that you update PetKey!

Call (417) 451-2533 or click to schedule your pet’s microchipping appointment with Pinnacle Vet Clinic.

Please note: *pet microchipping is not GPS based.  There is no way to track a pet via GPS from a microchip.